Find My iPod Touch 4G

In the Launch of iOS 4.2 there was another new feature application which was available on Apple App Store for free Now. Find My iPod Touch 4G lets you find and locate any of your stolen iTouch, iPhone and iPad (iDevices). This has become up very popular apps on App Store now-a-days. Find My iPod Touch […]

Why is iOS Device Memory Size less than actual?

Asked By: Michael Question: I have recently bought a new iPod Touch 4G from the apple store. They said it is a 8gig iPod Touch. This is my first ever Apple Device so I am a newbie in it.  When I got home and plugged my new iPod Touch it into my computer; iTunes said that […]

Best Productivity Apps For New iPad

With the world going the tablet computing way, the iPad has secured its place among the users of the tablet PCs all over the world. The Apple Inc. has changed the whole computing experience with the path-breaking innovation that they emerged out with the iPad. The world welcomed the new dawn of personal computing. With […]

New iPad to Release in India on 27th April

Apple’s most rumored device of this year New iPad is soon going to hit stores in India also now. New iPad has been released in all the Major countries across the world. In its first week of launch Apple broke all existing sales records of selling 1 Million New iPad’s per day. Crowds gathered during […]

Google Launches Shopping App for iPod Touch 4G

Are you a shopaholic? Well if the answer is positive, Google is offering you with a big treat here! Google has recently launched a shopping application for iPhone users. Now with this Google’s app you will be able to find relevant products either by a voice controlled search facility or by scanning related images. Google’s […]

Apple Web Store Updating [Down for Maintenance]

Today in the Morning when some people opened they saw a page stating that “We’ll be Back Soon!”. Apple is doing something big changes in their web store, they can be changing the designs or updating things. Here’s how the page looks like now: We were expecting some minor changes, but since it has been […]

iPod Touch 5th Generation with A5x CPU [Rumor]

Last year at WWDC 2011, where we all were expecting Apple to launch a new iPod Touch but only a new White Color iPod Touch 4G was released. The next generation of iPod Touch was to be rumored of having 3G Connectivity. This year rumors suggest of a new iPhone (6th generation) having 1 GB […]

Change Device Name of iPod or iPhone or iPad [How To]

Just playing with your iPod Touch or iPhone or iPad, and found out that its device name doesn’t suits your personality? So, then you should go ahead and change it the same way you used to change your Bluetooth Device name in other Mobile Phones ( :D). Though when you buy a fresh new iOS […]

Jailbreak iOS 5.1 for New iPad & iPhone 4S Releasing Soon

It almost 3 weeks now after the launch of Apple’s New iPad with A5X processor and iOS 5.1.  Till now there is no Jailbreak released for iOS 5.1 running on A5+ processors, for rest devices iOS 5.1 jailbreak is available.  People who accidentally Jailbreaked their iOS 5.1 running on iPhone 4S, iPad 2, Apple TV and New iPad […]

New iPod Touch 4G Battery Draining Issue

Asked By : Sammy Question: I bought a new iPod Touch 4G about 3 days ago. I’m  little worried that something is wrong with its battery. I charged it before I started using it for the first time, then I charged it again yesterday because the battery was left about 25% only. It took about […]

Color-Test App for iPod Touch 4G

While browsing through some new launches on App Store, I found one really cool app Color Test for my iPod Touch 4G. It’s a brand new app by Weallkings (developers), brought to store on 30th march. The app is free to download from App Store. Concept of the App is simple “What’s my Color?” , it […]