Find My iPod Touch 4G

In the Launch of iOS 4.2 there was another new feature application which was available on Apple App Store for free Now. Find My iPod Touch 4G lets you find and locate any of your stolen iTouch, iPhone and iPad (iDevices). This has become up very popular apps on App Store now-a-days.

Find My iPod Touch app can be installed on any iDevice running on iOS 4.2 and user then just needs to sign-up for an account and then it will setup itself and you can add all your iDevices (iPod touch, iPhone and iPad) . This will let you keep track if you iPod touch gets lost or stolen then you just need to sign-in into your account and select that  device and it will track and show you the location on a Map. The you can display a message on the Home-Screen of that device or you can remotely lock that device or play any sound on it.

For using this App you just need to have an Apple ID and password. For How-To-Install you can refer to this Step-by-Step Guide (Link). Find My iPod Touch App is also available on iTunes for free Download (link). To get updates via email , Subscribe here or join us on our Facebook Fan Page

17 thoughts on “Find My iPod Touch 4G”

  1. i recently got my ipod stolen from me, or it might be lost in my house, so i download the find my ipod app on my brothers ipod touch 4g by entering my apple id, but its only locating my brothers ipod why is this?

  2. I have lost my ipod and everytime i entered my apple ID in on my dads ipod it just came up with my dads ipod. How come this kept on happening.?

    1. actually torren it does not works always.. had you Linked your iPod earlier with your Dad’s iPod or you did it after your ipod touch 4g got lost??..

    1. I am in da same boat if u do find out where to look please post I lost or I hate to say gotten stole but it’s mine an I want it back so send the link where to look

  3. can someone please help me find my phone my num is (213) 454-7923 please help me i will do anything to replay you

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