Free iPod Touch 4G Apps

Try installing some Free Apps on your iPod Touch 4G. Apple’s App Store is the best place to find free and paid apps for you iTouch 4G [iDevices]. It comprises of the best apps ever built for any mobile platform.

Below here are listed few Free Apps to try on your Ipod Touch 4G.

  1. Amazon Kindle App – This App enables you to read your favorite E-Books on your Ipod Touch 4G [iDevices].
  2. Facebook on iPod Touch 4G –  The Best way of being social and keep in touch with friends on Facebook from you Ipod Touch 4G.  You can also Upload Pictures directly to Facebook from your Ipod Touch 4G it is faster than browser upload.
  3. TweetDeck – With this app you can stay up-to-date with Twitter Updates. A Handy Client for using Twitter from Ipod Touch 4G.
  4. SpeedTest – Test your Internet Speed over Wi-Fi on your Ipod Touch 4G.  There will be slight difference with the speed you are getting on PC or MAC with that on Ipod Touch 4G.
  5. Evernote – Evernote keeps your notes synchronized. These can be accessed based on Tags, Titles. You can find them when you want and add more notes also, you can also access these notes from your PC, Iphone or Ipad[iDevice].
  6. Yahoo Messenger – If you still use Yahoo then here’s your cup of tea.

For Downloading these apps just do a quick search in app store. You will just need a free Account to access and Download these Apps on your Ipod Touch 4G [iDevice]. You may Skip Payment Portion in Download process by selecting pay by source as none.

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