HeyWire Texting App Review for iPod Touch 4G

This App is the best option for users who love texting. This app will turn your iPod Touch 4G into an instant texting engine. HeyWire Texting App is brought by Media Friends Inc. and has been recently updated on 4th Jan 2011. HeyWire provides you a number that you can use to SMS from anywhere using WiFi network.

HeyWire now is enabled with many features:

  • Facebook Chat
  • Gtalk Chat
  • Free Text messages worldwide (from HeyWire to HeyWire)
  • No Charges at all (Free)

The App is compatible with all iDevices(iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch 4G) running on iOS 3.1 or any later version(compatible with iOS 4.2 also). We personally recommend everyone to try this free texting app.

HeyWire Texting App is also available on iTunes for free Download (link).

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3 thoughts on “HeyWire Texting App Review for iPod Touch 4G”

  1. I am happy with this kind of application but the only problem is that I don’t have good numbers of friends having Ipods or the likes. I have heard rumors that there really is an application before for tecting but of course just wasn’t sure if this was it. But the only problem is that the wifi signals. Sometimes even though I am in a free wifi zone, I couldn’t connect maybe because of IP address or whatever. Hate it! Maybe I will just dispose my Ipod and also tell my friends who are planning to buy one to just instead buy an I-phone instead of an ipod.

  2. I love Heywire, I use it all the time with FB chat and to other Heywire users. It’s unreliable to cell phones, though. Works perfectly with my own cell phone, but no-one else’s! I really really hope this issue will be resolved in the future.

  3. Says it’s free, you go through the entire process, give them your personal information, then they charge for your number! That’s not free and I despise companies that have hidden charges!

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