How to Make SHSH Blobs of iPod Touch 4G [Manually]

Here is a short tutorial on how to make/save SHSH blobs for your iPod Touch 4G. Well first thing you should know is what is their use(SHSH blobs); these Blobs are required to restore your iTouch 4G to earlier state if anything goes wrong while Jailbreaking the iDevice. This thing is not much complex we will try to keep the Tutorial quite simple so that a non-tech person can do this.

Simple Steps to make SHSH Blobs:

  1. Backup your iPod Touch 4G using iTunes.
  2. Download Auto-SHSH application (Link)
  3. Put the iPod 4G in DFU mode or Recovery mode.
  4. Open the Auto-SHSH App on PC (must be connected to Internet)
  5. In the window click on “Grab my SHSH Blobs Automatically”.
  6. Now it will start the Process..
  7. It will ask to Choose a Location to save your Blobs
  8. When Finished, Re-Boot your iPod Touch 4G.

Auto SHSH App

This will save all your SHSH blobs and you can use it anytime to recover your iDevice. This tutorial can be used for iPhone and iPad even.

We will be sharing an Automatic way of making and saving SHSH blobs in our next article.. Stay with us..

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