iOS 5 Features for iPod Touch 4G

Apple had introduced iOS 5 for iDevices( iPod Touch 4G) in the WWDC which recently took place in Moscone. iOS 5 has many advancements over iOS 4 like new Notification interface, twitter integration and many more. iOS 5 has been released for Developers to test out and make their Apps & Games compatible with new iOS 5. Apple has also announced that iOS 5 has 200 new features than old iOS versions.

iOS 5

Some of the exciting features of iOS 5 are :

  • Revamped Notification Center : iOS 5 includes a brand new striking Notification center here you can keep track of all your emails, text, friend requests, weather and even Stock ticker. ios 5 notification center

  • Twitter Integration: iOS 5 comes with integrated Twitter directly into iOS, to make it even more easier to Tweet and connect to your Friends, Share photos on twitter.
  • WiFi Sync: This is a new feature which allows you to Sync you iPod Touch 4G with MAC or PC or any other iDevice using WiFi.WiFi Sync iOS 5 features
  • PC Free : PC FREE is to be known as the best features in iOS 5; it allows you to receive all iOS related Firmware updates directly on iPod Touch 4G.
  • iMessage: Apple introduced this iMessage service specially for iPod Touch & iPad users to give them a messaging system like iPhone has. You can send messages over WiFi or 3G. With iMessage you can also send multimedia items like photo,videos & contacts.

Tour  iOS 5 video on youtube:

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