Popular iPod Touch 4G Apps of 2010

As Now it’s just 2 Days left from New Year and we are about to Enter in a New Decade. In previous Decade we seen many Historical Moments in Technology Advancements. One of which is iPod Touch 4G (1G, 2G, 3G..). As this year passed many Apps released for iPod Touch 4G came on Apps Store. Here we will Showcase some Popular Apps for iPod Touch 4G of 2010.

Facebook App:

Facebook had released this year its updated version of iPod Touch 4G App. Facebook has emerged as most used Social Networking Site in this Decade. Read More about Facebook App

Skype App:

Skype the most popular VoIP application on PC came up with its iPod Touch 4G App. Skype makes iPod similar to iPhone as only difference between iPod and iPhone is Call feature Skype Adds this feature to iPod. Read More about Skype App

Dropbox App:

Dropbox is a popular online file sharing service by Dropbox Inc. Dropbox  had  released its App for iPod Touch 4G in this year. Read More about Dropbox App

iBooks App:

iBooks is a e-Books reader and also has an in-built online iBookStore. It is also one of the most popular Apps used on iDevices. Read More about iBooks App

In this New Year we Expect a Much from App Developers of iPod Touch 4G.

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